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Off-Page Optimization in regard to search engine optimization refers to all the work and actions that take place outside of your own website. These are the actions that power your website and help rank your money keywords to the first page of google. Off Page optimization effects the pages ranking three times more then on page optimization does!

Off Page optimization tactics and strategies focus on creating trust, authority and relevancy from other websites in order to increase your own trust, authority and relevancy. Such tactics consist of Press Releases, obtaining links (backlinks, referring domains), creating links, building out directories and much more. Having these trusted and relevant websites and pages talking about your website helps google recognize other like your content, its current and quality. This then helps your website get noticed and ranked in the SERPS (Search Engine Ranking Pages) very quickly.

As there are many different off page optimization techniques out there, we are just going to go through a few of the items we offer and recommend. We have experienced quick results with utilizing a mix of these practices together!

Press Releases

Press releases are exactly what they read. They are articles posted on authority news sites about something important going on in the business. What ever it is, it is always good to try to find something to create a press release about. This helps you get the authority your site needs from some of the major channels in your local area and nationally. How? Well in the press release the channel who is distributing it will provide a backlink in the article that links to your website. Also this backlink will be a do follow back link which notifies google that the news site who is already deemed in Google’s eye’s as authoritative, will be pushing their users to your site. This allows googles algorithm to now recognize your site as an authoritative site.

There has been recent talk in the industry that press releases will not be as relevant as they once were in the previous years. However, we at Telegenic Marketing have done some extensive research into that topic and we know they will be relevant for 2019 and the years to come!

Backlinks/ Referring Domains

As we just discussed about press releases providing a backlink to your website, there are also several other ways to acquire backlinks. The two main categories of backlinks (Do Follow and Nofollow) will have a entirely different effect on your website. In previous years both categories played an effect on your sites ranking and googles rankings. However, due to some of the recent updates the only links that will mean anything is Do Follow.

Do Follow links are links that direct the user who is reading the article to your actual page. These links can help raise the page rank of the site the do follow link is pointing to. It does this because the more relative sites pointing to a page, makes google see people favoring this content. This in result makes them rank that page higher in the SERPs as it is more relevant then the other content surrounding it!

Niche Edits

Niche Edits are a newer type of service we offer and some of the most powerful links you can obtain in 2019 and beyond. These edits focus in on targeting pages, guest blogs, blog posts or other high-quality content items that have already been ranking in google for several months or years. These blogs are very powerful as in the eyes of google they are relevant and already receive high quality traffic. By reaching out to these editors and owners and getting them to insert a contextual link to the website we are trying to rank, allows the website to get almost instant power pushed to your website. Well not instant, because nothing is instant with SEO, however it is a lot faster then if you were trying to build out these links yourself.

This process has been very popular for several of years, however has just recently started getting acknowledged as the term niche edit. Get on one of our monthly Local SEO packages or our National SEO packages and a certain amount of these links are guaranteed to come into your website every month!

Directory Build Out – Power Your Local Rankings

One of the biggest keys to local SEO and getting ranked on the top 3 in google maps is going to come down to your local directory build out. Directories are sites that are like Yelp, Yellow Pages, White Pages and so many more. You would be surprised how many local directories there are! Building out your local directories in simple terms means creating additional profiles in all the directories you can that are relevant to your business that have your information and link to your website.

Our strategy is to focus not only on the major directories, but we niche into all the directories that are specific to your business. For instance, if you are a lawyer, there are so many directories specific to the law field such as, and hundreds more. By getting on as many directories as possible and the most relevant, this is going to have hundreds of different directories giving power to your website which also powers your map ranking!

Local SEO doesn’t rely on just the directory build out. It is a lot more complex. Directory build out is just the biggest piece to ranking in the maps pack. Check out some of our Local SEO Packages and Pricing to see what best fit your business needs!

These are just some of the major off-page optimization practices we apply at Telegenic Marketing. Get on one of our plans and you will get a systemized plan of off page optimization techniques that we apply monthly to keep your page rank moving up the charts. The more practices we can apply the faster your site will climb up the rankings.

Reach out if you need help with any of your organic marketing needs today. Our team of specialist can help your company get to the next level!

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