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Search engine optimization is a constantly changing environment and the techniques surrounding it are rapidly evolving.  This can make approaching Phoenix SEO a daunting task, but don’t be intimidated because the basics of SEO are really quite simple and even a basic knowledge can be beneficial to you and your business.

At a basic level, Phoenix SEO is the process of optimizing your website to include search terms and key phrases people are already searching for in Phoenix.  Often times businesses, especially established and thriving businesses, ask why spend the time and money on SEO or paying a firm to do SEO when they can dump money into pay-per-click advertising and generate a similar amount of traffic.  The reason is, consumers are smart and getting smarter all the time.  They know that any company can pay to rank advertisements on google, and most times (70% – 80% of the time) will skip right over them to organic search results.  Through Phoenix SEO, we at Telegenic Marketing work to generate quality organic (non-paid) traffic from consumers that are actually part of your target market and are looking to make a purchase in your city or cities next to you!

Local SEO

Local SEO - Telegenic Marketing

Search engine optimization can be a valuable tool for large national international businesses, but it can be extremely valuable for smaller local businesses serving local customers!  Consumers place a great amount of trust in google.  It’s where most people turn for answers to most of their questions, from things as simple as “how many inches in a yard” to things as big as guidance in buying a car, a home, and countless other large purchases.  Take for example a homeowner who needs a new roof put on their home.  Unless they know a roofer personally or have experience with a particular firm, they will likely take to the web (typically google) to find the best local roofing company willing to do the job for the lowest price.  The likelihood of the homeowner picking a roofing company from the 2nd page of google search results is very low because as people move further and further down the list of search results they lose confidence in the businesses they find.  That is why it is so important to organically rank your business’s website on the first page of google as close to the top as possible.  It can and will make the difference between driving sales, and losing potential business to competitors that rank higher than you.  Believe it or not, 46% of google searches are local!  Potential customers are already looking to buy exactly what your business is selling, and through Local SEO the Telegenic team can help you bridge the gap and connect with these markets.

Video SEO

Video SEO - Telegenic Marketing

Video content consumption is on the rise globally, and marketing through the use of video is now more popular than ever.  In fact, one third of online activity is made up of watching video.  The video consumption trend is rapidly growing especially in individuals under 30.  Typically the younger the consumer, the more video content they watch.  The incoming generation of consumers will be far more influenced by video marketing than any generation before.  Search engines (specifically google) have realized this and are altering their search algorithms to account for video keywords and key phrases as well as the standard text and image rankings.

Here at Telegenic we realize the power of video as well as it’s potential in digital marketing.  We have worked hard to develop cutting edge video SEO techniques that combine the power of video and search engine optimization.  This technique has proved to give our clients and edge over their competitors also trying to rank on the first page of google.  We at Telegenic expect Google to further tweak their algorithms in favor of video in the future and believe the video SEO techniques we currently employ will become even more successful within the next 6 – 18 months.

National SEO

National SEO - Telegenic Marketing

National SEO is similar to local SEO, but rather than working to rank a business for specific geographic terms (typically linked to the specific city or state) national SEO works to rank a business for broader keywords that will show up in searches all over the nation.  This type of SEO is better suited to businesses that don’t need to serve a local market or have the ability to serve removed markets.  For example, this type of SEO could be effectively utilized for a large online clothing business with no physical retail location.  This type of business doesn’t need local customers because they ship all of their products no matter how close to the business they are.  National SEO allows businesses like these to connect with new and previously untapped markets in different geographic locations.

While national SEO can be very valuable to a business, there is much more competition in national SEO than local SEO.  There are many more firms competing in the national arena making it much more difficult for your website to rank.  That being said, we know how much national SEO can benefit a business, but we recommend businesses make sure they are in a position to compete and afford to compete with national firms.

Oftentimes business owners think that with all of the big businesses working to rank nationally for search terms, it would be impossible for your business to rank alongside or ahead of them.  Believe it or not, this isn’t true!  SEO is changing quickly, and the techniques used need to adapt just as quickly in order to remain relevant and useful.  Often times large companies have the resources to compete nationally, but due to their size they are slow to adapt and implement new SEO techniques.  Though utilization of cutting edge and constantly evolving SEO techniques, Telegenic has the ability (and the track record) to get smaller firms to rank nationally alongside large competitors.

Synergy (SEO Web Design)

SEO Web Design - Telegenic Marketing

Here at Telegenic, we like to think about websites as locks and customers as the key.  Building a SEO designed website and hoping it will attract your target market is kind of like building a lock and hoping the key fits after you finish.  We look at the key (your business’s target market) beforehand and build a lock that will fit that key to a T.  Our team here at Telegenic focuses on the bigger picture and utilizes a combination of local, national, and video SEO techniques to build a premium website for your business that is completely optimized, formatted, and primed to rank quickly from the second it goes live!  By utilizing all of these strategies in combination with other cutting edge Phoenix SEO techniques, we can mitigate a lot of the risk that comes with marketing as it greatly improves the amount of quality traffic on your website and in turn the amount of conversions from that quality traffic.

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