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72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location. Our Phoenix local SEO specialists at Telegenic Marketing are here to help you get your website ranking in-front of the consumers that will be the most likely to convert. Our strategy is to identify your “money keywords” and to rank your website for those keywords as quickly as possible. These money keywords are the keywords or keyword phrases your potential customers located near you geographically are searching to find companies like yours to do business with!  Our SEO techniques and methods have the ability to lead potential customers to your place of business rather than to local competitors.

Our local SEO specialists in Phoenix have been effectively practicing SEO for the past 5 years and continue to do so.  It has been brought to our attention that some firms believe we are too new to really have a grasp and maintain a competitive advantage in SEO. That being said, SEO is a fast changing and quickly growing industry that is very different from most industries. We feel that our entrance to the SEO market was perfectly timed. We didn’t waste any of our time learning “old outdated techniques” that waste your money! Rather we have developed and use the newest and most effective methods and techniques in the industry! Our process works using not only the latest google search engine optimization techniques, but maximizing those efforts by blending our YouTube search engine optimization techniques to get your site not only ranking on the first page, but your video ranking too! According to the SEO stats of 2018, video content is 50 times more likely to drive the conversion than plain text. This concluding if there is a video on your site’s landing page, you’re 53% more likely to show up on Googles first page! If you’re not using these techniques, you’re are not only wasting money, but a lot of time! Check out some of our Video Search Engine examples to see how you should be spending your money on SEO.

Local SEO - Telegenic Marketing

Local SEO facts that will blow your mind!

  • 86% of people look up the location of a business on google maps.
  • 78% of location based mobile searches result in an offline purchase.
  • 88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile-devices either call or visit the business within 24hrs.
  • 18% of location-based mobile searches will result in a sale within one day!

This concluding that google is the most powerful tool for your local business. If you are starting a business and this is not your main focus then you are wasting valuable time. Your website is the foundation of your company and it is the only salesman that never takes a break. If this salesman is trained and optimized properly in the beginning, we can assure you it will be the most effective salesman in your company!

Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO Strategy - Telegenic Marketing

At Telegenic Marketing we make sure every client we take on has an educated and well researched plan of attack. We focus not only on the technical on page optimization details and reporting, but we go into a detailed competitor analysis. Our technical analysis focuses on the health score of your website. Your health score factors in, your website’s speed, the content on your site, the usability, the proper content to include and so much more!

Our competitor analysis is what puts us on top. Our Phoenix local SEO experts do a detailed analysis of your top 5 competitors. We quickly isolate where their high-quality traffic is coming from and optimize your page to be better then your competitors. As google has changed we know their main focus in high quality content. We make it our pride and joy to assure your content is produced at a higher level then all your competitors.

SEO Reporting and Analytics

The best part about SEO is the fact that we use specific SEO software to analyze the weekly and monthly increases in rankings and increase in traffic. We make sure to provide high quality monthly reports that display the increases very easily. We also guarantee to be open upfront, with how long it will take to rank for the specific terms necessary for the success of your company. Search Engine Optimization is not a technique to apply to get instant results, however it is a method that if executed right, the only way your competitors will get ahead of you is if they spend the time and money to increase their SEO presence.

Affordable Local SEO Services in Arizona

Our team understands that every business is different. Depending how old the company is, and how quickly the company is growing will depend on the service your company can afford. We have our Standard Packages prepared so every type of company no matter what the size can get the benefits of the local SEO services we provide. Contact us today to get a free evaluation on your local search engine presence today!

Low Competition Bronze Plan

$2000 / month
Population – 1,000 – 50,000, 5 SEO Optimied Pages added to the website, 10 Local Business Directories Optimized, 5 Targeted Keywords, 2 Guest Post Outreach – Backlinks – Niche Edits, Meta Tags Optimized On Site, Title Tags Optimized, Google My Business Optimization, Google Webmaster – Analytics – Search Console Set Up

Competitive Silver Plan

$3500 / month
Population –50,000– 200,000, 10 SEO Optimied Pages added to the website, 35 Local Business Directories Optimized, 10 Targeted Keywords, 4 Guest Post Outreach – Backlinks – Niche Edits, Meta Tags Optimized On Site, Title Tags Optimized, Google My Business Optimization, Google Webmaster – Analytics – Search Console Set Up

Super Aggressive Gold Plan

$5000 / month
Population –200,000 - 1,000,000+, 15 SEO Optimied Pages added to the website, 90 Local Business Directories Optimized, 15 Targeted Keywords, 6 Guest Post Outreach – Backlinks – Niche Edits, Infographics – Website Content, Meta Tags Optimized On Site, Title Tags Optimized, Google My Business Optimization, Google Webmaster – Analytics – Search Console Set Up
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