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Feb. 2, 2018

The field of marketing has slowly been changing for the past 20 years… until recently. In the past five years, marketing has changed dramatically due to the rapid advance of technology. Specifically, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a major player in this digital marketing change. AI pioneered a new way of targeting and reaching your audience that would have seemed impossible to most marketing companies even 5 years ago. This intelligence is everywhere you go, listening to almost EVERYTHING you say! iPhones and Androids both have the ability to listen to your day to day conversations, wherever you go! Think about all of the apps on your phone with “microphone privileges.” These AI programs have been collecting your personal data, thoughts, and interests for quite some time now, and it’s safe to say that your phone knows more about you then some of your best friends.

So, what does this mean to the marketing world? How does this effect the way your company should advertise? 

If you are a business owner that has invested in marketing in the past three years, I can almost guarantee you spent some of your hard earned money on radio and magazine advertisements, direct mailers, telecommunication services, third party lead generation services, and the worst of all – Big SEO Companies that can “guarantee” you a spot on the first page of google…

Then, after you made the decision to invest, you sit there with your fingers crossed hoping that your investment will bring you back a return.

Well, do I have news for you! The days of waiting and wishing are over! What if I told you that you had the ability to reach every person in a specific geographic area that shows an interest in the products or services your business? OR, what if I told you there is an ethical way to target your competition’s customers without creating any tension in your industry? It is difficult to deny that this could be beneficial to your business.

In the remainder of this blog, I will go over the main reasons why you should stop throwing your money at these outdated marketing methods and familiarize yourself with the new era of digital marketing! While this area is constantly changing, I’ll do my best to give you a firm grasp on the concepts of digital marketing.

1. Why waste money on non-traceable forms of marketing?

Old forms of marketing such as television commercials or magazine advertisements have never had a way of processing how many consumers your advertisement may have had an impact on. They may be able to provide you with how many televisions the advertisement was aired on, or how many consumers bought a certain issue of the magazine, but how… how can these forms of marketing tell you who you directly made an impact on?  

They can’t! However, digital marketing can! Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google have changed the game FOREVER. You can specifically track every person who comes across your advertisement, clicks through your post, and track everywhere the user went on your website. Would knowing and storing these user’s information be helpful? Absolutely! Would being able to directly advertise to these users be helpful? Absolutely! Then why are you not doing it?!

2. Media has shifted.

The way media has been delivered has completely changed. Newspapersnews channels, and daily mailers have drastically slowed in the past few years because of the paradigm shift. More than 40% of Americans now admit that they get most of their news online.In regards to Facebook, where over 66% of U.S. adult users receive their news, accumulating to about 44% of the U.S. population.These numbers are jaw-dropping. Why would you NOT want to focus on advertising on the platforms that have over two billion active users? 

3. Search Engine Optimization is dead…

If you follow some successful marketers, you have heard them use the phrase, SEO is DEAD… What did they mean by this? Well, I’m not sure what they meant because I can tell you one thing right now. SEO is alive, and I can prove it. 

When was the last time you pulled out your phone or got out your computer and used google? I would assume your answer to be within the past 12 hours…

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. When 94% of online conversions start with a search engine, I think it is safe to say that search engine optimization will always be a great investment. If you can get your website in front of your consumers organicallyyou will always have a better chance of earning a customer’s business. Instead of you forcing an advertisement in front of them, you are providing useful content that builds credibility in your customer’s eyes.

Where has SEO gotten its bad name?

In the past, SEO has always been approached by a cold call method, usually by a company claiming that they are a direct partner with google. “Direct partner” sounds like it would be useful, however, how many direct partners of google are there? A lot! What this means is that most SEO companies apply the same old methods. If there is so many companies following the same procedure, most will not be able to rank as high as they advertise. 

When selecting SEO services, make sure the company or specialist you are using can explain how they will be getting you to the end goal. Inquire about the strategy of how they will be ranking you over your competitors. Most big SEO companies will describe their system by saying they will be creating backlinks for your website. However, good SEO costs a great deal of money and involve a lot more of a system then just creating backlinks. Make sure you understand where they will be spending YOUR money and how that will increase annual revenue!

4. Buying email lists

In current marketing, when you hear someone say that they will sell you an email list it almost makes you cringe. Ten years ago, email lists were selling like diamonds. With email subscribers to directly connect with, their hope was to express their stories and draw in customers that way.

When email was the hottest form of direct communication, this seemed to work. However, in today’s world, spam emails have seen their day. Our email services have developed the capacity to be able to detect these spam emails. In addition, regulations about collecting emails have changed tremendously. The policies on how to collect your user’s emails, and the procedures to be able to legally market to those users, have been heavily regulated. 

Building email lists quickly is HOT right now on Facebook and Instagram! The proven sales funnels that marketers are using can generate a list of 1,000 emails in less than four days! These sales funnels, if executed correctly, can show an insane Return of Investment to any company very quickly! Email marketing will continue to be the life blood of marketing for at least the next five years!

Because of this, it is crucial that you start building an effective email strategy NOW!

5. High expense old marketing methods

When researching on google, you will find many articles from marketers who claim that these old marketing methods still work. However, I challenge you to read through those articles and see the claims that they make. Most claim to say that they have tracked these old methods and have proven that they are still bringing in some positive ROI. This may be true, and yes billboards and TV commercials are still powerful. However, if you put the same amount of money into a strategic digital marketing plan, you will likely receive a much higher return on your investment. This will also lead to a 100% analytically proven means of tracking this return.

Now that you’ve read the 5 reasons this is what you should do if you are still using old marketing strategies.

Sit down and restructure where you are spending your marketing budget. Look at the forms that you can physically track and how you are receiving an ROI for what you are investing in! Then figure out what the extra budget is and investigate hiring a company to control your digital marketing. These methods will always be changing and the best way to make sure you are utilizing every beneficial strategy out there is to partner with a digital marketing firm. In-house marketers can be expensive and with the rate at which these advertising platforms are changing, it is almost impossible for them to stay up to date with these changes. Facebook and Instagram have both just modified their algorithms to assure that organic for business pages is dead! It is becoming crucial that you get very creative with your content and the funnels you are creating to get the best result for your company and to adjust to these technological changes before you are left in the dust! 

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