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Why your business needs a (new) website (Professional Website that converts your traffic)

The modern businessperson knows that personal interaction is a key part of running a successful business, but it’s no longer enough.  In an ever expanding virtual business world, a large percentage of opportunities are only accessible by being active online.  A quality and professional website has the ability to generate new leads and paying customers.  At the very least it is a reflection of the company as a whole, and your competency in your field.  People typically come to a business website for information, but a good website will persuade and encourage the transformation from interested party to paying customer by convincing the potential lead of your business’s ability to create value for them. Contact our Phoenix web design team at Telegenic Marketing for a free evaluation of your existing website!

SEO Web Design - Telegenic Marketing


Here at Telegenic marketing, we have a thorough background in and appreciation for Search Engine Optimization.  We know just how valuable an investment in National SEO or Local SEO can be in priming a business for consistent growth.  That is why we implement strategized SEO in every website we build.  This means Telegenic will NOT build a website that won’t rank on google.  We understand that the purpose of a fantastic website is getting people to see it, and we work hard to make sure your website is built in a way that generates the most traffic possible.

Rapid Iteration Design

At Telegenic our Phoenix web design team practice rapid iteration design.  Boiled down, this process includes developing iterations of an idea as quickly and with as little time/resources as possible.  This allows a fit between the value needed and the product produced to be found quickly and inexpensively, at which point more concentrated effort and resources are added to the “best” iteration of the idea.  In the context of website design, application of this concept means constant feedback and cooperation to work out a website that will fit your company’s needs and desires as to the best of our ability as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Constant Communication

At Telegenic, the customer comes first and we want to ensure you are completely satisfied with the website we are building out for you.  An exciting thing about the rapid iteration design techniques we employ, is that it allows for a lot of valuable guiding feedback and communication between the client and developers along the way.  Ultimately, this better enables Telegenic to provide a product that exactly fits the needs and desires of our customer.

Continuous Improvement

After your company’s website is live and you are totally and completely satisfied with the website build out, our work doesn’t have to end there.  After your website is up and running, Telegenic will continue utilizing off page ranking techniques to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.  This is another key area of value brought to the table by Telegenic.  Other firms can deliver a website for you to put up and will never contact you again.  This is absolutely fine if you have the in house ability to perform SEO and maintain/increase your website ranking, however many companies don’t have that skill set at their disposal or do not wish to deal with the hassle.  At Telegenic Marketing, we specialize in SEO and will work to keep your website competitively ranked.

Website Analytics

When most people think about website analytics they typically think of it as monitoring traffic on the website.  In reality this is only a small portion of web analytics and the value that can be captured from employing them effectively.  Our website analytics at Telegenic allow us to monitor the origin of the traffic, conversion rate, the ranking increase in response to SEO efforts, traffic, and much more.  This allows us to make alterations to our client’s website based on data from actual users interactions with the current website to optimize the site for maximum performance.

Results Driven!

What do we mean by results? This is one example! Check out Google Analytics 1 month after launch.

Data Influenced Web Design

Traditional web design only takes into consideration the thoughts and opinions of the designer and customer to formulate a website that both parties hope will be effective.  At Telegenic we take your wishes and desires very seriously, but also use data to guide decisions when working with the customer to build their site.  We believe that taking real user data into consideration when approaching website design is key to building a website that is not only perfect for the customer, but will generate results based on hard data.

Company Values

At Telegenic we take pride in our work and ability to elevate your business through web design and SEO. Our Phoenix Website Design team believe through the power of data and SEO techniques, we can provide a website with longevity and high traffic potential.  Our team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations.


We’ll professionally write content that is search engine optimized so others find you! We’ll also set you up with necessities such as a contact form, Google Analytics, and hosting (for an additional cost).


$5,000 /
5 pages


$10,000 /
10 pages


$20,000 /
15 pages


Purchase credits for ongoing maintenance and adjustments. 1 credit is equal to 1 hour of work. Larger planned out projects are estimated and billed separately. These credits can be used for updates, content creation, SEO keyword research, modifying the site, analytics, and much more. Get in touch with us to purchase them.

1 Credit

$120 / hr

5 Credits

$110 / hr

10+ Credits

$100 / hr
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