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Over 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. The top 3 search engines in the world are Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, Google is responsible for handling the lions share of searches. In November 2018, 73% of searches were powered by google and only 7.91% by the second most utilized search engine Bing… This means if you are not utilizing SEO techniques practiced by the most competitive businesses in your industry, you are limited in your visibility to potential customers!

Now, let’s analyze a few more stats.

In 2018, 81% of people performed some type of online search before making a large purchase. 70-80% of people ignore paid search results, and 75% of people never scroll past the second page. From these statistics it’s not difficult to see that the majority of people will visit one of the organic results on the first page on google!

As a matter of fact, there have been many studies analyzing what click percentage the results on the first page actually get.  The results are displayed below.

The First Position – 33%

The Second Position – 15%

The Third Position – 9%

The Fourth (through the Tenth Position, Maps and Ads) – 43%

If you are not in the top 3 organic search results… the chances of seeing quality traffic on your site is significantly reduced. That being said, our team at Telegenic Marketing has developed methods to rank any site on the first page of google and ensure that your site will catch the user’s eye in a sea of other search results. This method involves using YouTube SEO techniques in combination with Google SEO methods. This technique is so new that we can confidently say that nobody else in the industry is using our methods… which means you will stand out in comparison to the competition. Read more below or contact us to get a FREE EVALUATION TODAY!

Phoenix Video SEO

Video marketing has been gaining popularity as of recent and is going to continue growing to new heights in the future! If you are in or around the valley and are not taking advantage of our Phoenix Video SEO experts, you could already be falling behind your competitors. Through our cutting edge techniques developed in house at Telegenic Marketing, we have the ability rank your video in the top three organic search results on the first page of YouTube and Google for a highly competitive term! Please don’t hesitate to call and get a FREE CONSULTATION TODAY from one of our experts. We can show you multiple results of satisfied customers in a variety of industries, all ranking on the first page on google!

The worst part about paying for expensive marketing videos that can range from $1,000 – $15,000 is not knowing how to best utilize the video post production! Are you just going to upload it to YouTube and hope the magical YouTube wizards pop out of the sky and rank your video on the first page of YouTube? Ridiculousness aside, there are no magical Youtube wizards (although we at Telegenic have received a few compliments telling us otherwise) and ranking your video/website can be difficult. However, there are systems that we have developed and proven to not only properly optimize your YouTube Page, but to get every video you upload after the fact to rank on YouTube as well as Google! We don’t stop till it’s at the top!

Phoenix YouTube SEO

With over a billion users on YouTube and more than 500 million hours of videos watched on YouTube each day, if you are not properly optimizing your content on YouTube, your business is missing out on getting your content in front of a large audience that is searching for videos like yours. Even though YouTube optimization seems like a no-brainer to us, not a single one of the past 20 clients we have taken on have had their YouTube Channel properly optimized. Only 10% even had their Channel Keywords filled out… (See Below) Even though this simple optimization, which would take maybe an hour for a specialist at Telegenic, many fail to do because they are unaware that it is even possible.

A full YouTube Channel Optimization is not something you can find in a “YouTube for dummies” book or on the YouTube help section, and its not even something most of your average full-service marketing companies are going to know how to do. Not only should your YouTube Channel be properly optimized, each video uploaded should have a strategy behind it to be rank for a specific keyword or keyword phrase related to your content. This key phrase should be established before you even begin filming the video since voice search will be a major factor in the future of SEO practices. Voice search currently accounts for about 10% of searches. This means if you optimize your video content to include you speaking the actual search phrase in the video, this will help you rank faster and for voice searches as well as text searches. We at Telegenic also encourage the vocalization of your secondary keywords in the video in addition to your primary keywords. If you are not putting up a video with the intent to rank it for a specific keyword or keywords, the effectiveness of your content is significantly reduced, and it becomes much more difficult to recuperate the initial time and resources expended on the video content.

See Below many examples of our Clients not only ranking on the first page of YouTube, but the first page of google as well…

Clients Video:

Our Results:

Our Results:

YES, We Cracked the Google and YouTube algorithm, and we want to help your business grow using this method as well as the other methods we can provide!

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Phoenix Google Video SEO

As Google is a direct partner of YouTube and vice versa it is not only what you do with your video within YouTube, it is what you do with your video after the fact that is the kicker. So, you now have a YouTube video that is properly optimized for a keyword phrase and is ranking in YouTube. What do you do with that video to give your website the best results it can get? This is where it pays to have an expert on your side. If you can now take this video in YouTube that is optimized for your specific key phrase such as the example shown below for “women’s golf shoes”. Our client has the top ranked video on YouTube for this phrase that is search 27,100 times per month nationally. We have taken this video and property embedded and optimized their page for women’s golf shoes. Now when you take a look at the google ranking. It is not the YouTube Video ranking on the first page, but it is their actual women’s golf shoes collection. Now instead of taking them to the YouTube Channel this leads customers directly to the point of purchase. And out of all the search results on the page, what video thumbnail catches your eye the most…

Clients Video:

Our Results:

Our Results:


Video SEO Pricing

YouTube Channel Optimization

$497 / one time fee
YouTube Verification, Keyword Research, Channel Keyword Optimization, About Us Optimization, Optimization of 5 links including attaching Your Channel to your Website, Live Stream Optimization, YouTube Channel Art Optimized for All Screen (Mobile, Tablet and Desktop)

Competitive Package

$697 / one time fee
Ranks for Lower Search Volume keywords (<4,000/month), Package Includes: Keyword Research, Targeting One Main Keyword or Keyword Phrase, Target 3 Secondary Keywords for Extra Exposure, Video Description optimized for Keyword or Keyword Phrase and Secondary Keywords, Custom Made Video Thumbnail, Focus on Ranking on YouTube Top 3 results, Rank YouTube Video on First Page of the Video Results on Google!

Aggressive Package

$997 / one time fee
Ranks for Higher Search Volume keywords (4,000/mo - Up), Package Includes: Keyword Research, Targeting One Main Keyword or Keyword Phrase, Target Secondary Keywords for Extra Exposure, Video Description optimized for Keyword or Keyword Phrase and Secondary Keywords, Custom Made Video Thumbnail, Focus on Ranking on YouTube top 3 results, Focus on Ranking YouTube Video on First Page of Google Results and Top of the Video Results on Google

Key-Word Maintenance

$497 / one time fee
Re-ranks video for initial keywords (3 months), Package Includes: Keyword Research, Target Up to 4 Sub-Keywords
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