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Professional quality videos are not cheap to produce, but they are a fundamental piece of a website build. Our Phoenix video production team offers three different packages to fit your video content needs. We at Telegenic have collected a lot of site traffic data and have found that when a video is included in a site they are 53% more likely to convert from visitor to a customer. Video marketing also has very high ROI potential as long as the video is utilized correctly. We at Telegenic know nothing is worse than spending thousands on great video content, and then not knowing how to utilize it effectively to get a monetary return. We are confident in our ability to use high quality video content to your business’s full advantage. We know we are not alone in this belief as at least 51% of marketing professionals agree that videos are the best form of content leading to ROI in digital marketing. Most business’s concur as well! If your business doesn’t have videos embedded in your site then you are currently in the minority. As of 2018 87% of all marketers reported using videos as a majority share of their content. When a video is added to your site it greatly improves your search engine presence which in turn gives you a better ranking, closer to the top of the first page of google.

Here at Telegenic Marketing we have partnered with Nathan McBride owner of NVisualMedia. We have been working with them for over a year now and are proud to say they are the best phoenix video production team we have worked with!

“NVisualMedia is a professional content development and brand creation company that works with clients in a straightforward and streamlined process. We utilize a storytelling framework that creatively highlights the core message that our customers want to convey. We interactively work with clients to form their brand’s message and find ways to communicate and capture it in a beautiful storied content that brings the most traffic to the video.

We pride ourselves on story-based content creation that creates a strong emotional connection between the brand and the audience. With high-quality professional visuals and emotion-evoking music paired with a strong message, your audience will be invested in your story and have a lasting impression. Every detail in our production is important. We go all-in to accomplish our clients goals because if there is one thing that we create that is most important, it is satisfied clients!”

1-Minute Video

$1450 - $2300 / one time fee
1 day of Shooting, 1.5 days of Editing (Final Fee Depending on Location, Time, and Video Style)

2-Minute Video

$1990 - $2550 / one time fee
1-2 days of Shooting, 2 days of Editing (Final Fee Depending on Location, Time, and Video Style)

5 Minute Video

$2650 - $3950 / one time fee
2-4 days of Filming, 3-4 days of Editing (Final Fee Depending on Location, Time, and Video Style)
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