National SEO

National Search Engine Optimization has a significant impact long term for any company whether you are a relatively small E-Commerce company, or a larger company in a competitive industry like construction. Big or small every company should invest in a website first, then invest in SEO to rank for certain keywords that will bring in sales and conversions for free! Unlike traditional salesmen and standard “spend money to make money” marketing practices, search engine optimization is building the foundation of your company, that will stay there forever. Unlike your salesmen who only work 40 hours a week and even then,  a properly optimized foundation works to bring in business 24 hours of the day, seven days a week! National SEO is very similar to Local SEO however instead of ranking for terms that are focused on geographical region such as ” Arizona SEO Agency”, we shift our focus to more broad terms such as; “SEO Agency.” At Telegenic Marketing we have worked with several brands focusing on National SEO. We have not only shown them quick results, but we have also combined our methods with our video SEO practices to get pages ranking faster then all of our client’s competitors!

National SEO - Telegenic Marketing

National E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce company marketing strategy should be very different from your local brick and mortar business. Relying on geographically distant consumers rather than just those in your area, E-Commerce is focused on the masses who search the internet. Like national SEO, we work to rank for broader terms, that still are niche enough to attract customers looking for what you are offering. For example take our client Ceiphers Clothing. They are an African Inspired clothing brand that until recently had not started investing into SEO. When we took them over we looked into their categories. Their specialty is unique clothing blended with African Kitenge fabric. We noticed their collections were just targeting the “tank tops” ranking. However to get their site in front of their niche target market, we re-optimized this collection for African Print Tank Tops. Now they are ranking on the 1st page of google for this term, which still has a decent search volume, but their products and website directly relate to the search terms.  This means that they have a much greater chance of ranking on the 1st page of Google! Key words are the basis of any ranking strategy in any search engine.

It is mind blowing how many website design companies only focus on the design without the foresight to prepare for SEO after the site goes live. So many business owners we come across ponder why their sales aren’t growing with the addition of a new site, however in most cases their site is primarily aesthetic skin and bones. The skin and bones won’t function without the muscle of the site. That muscle is the properly optimized website content targeting specific keywords that will put your site in-front of the right demographic. The team here at Telegenic Marketing would love to give you a free analysis of your site to point out some potentially weak areas and how you can take steps improve your site almost instantly. We are here to help analyze the gaps in the market that your company can fill!

National Construction SEO

Construction SEO - Telegenic Marketing

At Telegenic Marketing the owners and founder have an extensive background working in the construction industry. Construction SEO is something we know can be a major driver of business for every type of construction company. With Construction, the proof is in your work. If you are not displaying your latest and greatest work to your customers and future clients, you are leaving potential work out there with a chance that your competitors will get the job before you do.

General Contracting SEO

General Contacting is a very tough industry as your profit margin on each job is minimal. You are relying on the internal construction team you assign to each project, to guarantee the success of your schedule and to make sure the work is completed in compliance with proper construction standards. Let’s not forget every construction owners favorite, safety standards! At Telegenic Marketing we know the last thought on the owners mind is his website, or displaying his projects properly to his future clients. So we take care of that with our complete website re-designs and SEO optimization. We not only guarantee to give you a website that displays your previous work to your customers in the best light possible, we take extra measures to make sure your website has the potential to rank with the big boys. You better believe your clients will research every aspect of your company they can before choosing your firm to take on their project!

General Contracting SEO - Telegenic Marketing

Subcontractor SEO

As discussed above, it is key for a general contractor to be actively ranking and updating their website so their future clients can find them. It is also key for Subcontractors to build out a solid foundation as well. Finding a reliable and experienced subcontractor for each task needed in a project is extremely difficult. There is always issues with one or multiple subcontractors on the job whether it is project manager – subcontractor relationships, or superintendent of the G.C., or sub – sub relationships on the job. At the end of the day if a subcontractor is not performing to the expected standard and is hindering the schedule, the general contractor will move on and find another sub to fill their place. However, being familiar with the industry we at Telegenic know that this normally relies on either recommendation or independent research (typically done online). As all General Contractors are not local to the job site they aren’t familiar with the best subs for replacement. This usually falls on the Assistant Project Manager or even better the interns who are told to find good candidates. They then turn to the internet to find the best subs in the area and make their decision based on quality and of course price, the ever present barrier in construction. Let us here at Telegenic Marketing worry about how your quality is represented so you can focus on closing the jobs to grow your company! Contact us today and let our local and national SEO specialists fulfill your website design, video, and SEO needs!

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Low Competition Bronze Plan

$2000 / month
5 SEO Optimied Pages added to the website, 5 Targeted Keywords, 2-4 Guest Post Outreach – Backlinks – Niche Edits, Meta Tags Optimized On Site, Title Tags Optimized, Google My Business Optimization, Google Webmaster – Analytics – Search Console Set Up

Competitive Silver Plan

$3500 / month
10 SEO Optimied Pages added to the website, 10 Targeted Keywords, 4 - 6 Guest Post Outreach – Backlinks – Niche Edits, Meta Tags Optimized On Site, Title Tags Optimized, Google My Business Optimization, Google Webmaster – Analytics – Search Console Set Up

Super Aggressive Gold Plan

$5000 / month
15 SEO Optimied Pages added to the website, 15 Targeted Keywords, 6 - 8 Guest Post Outreach – Backlinks – Niche Edits, Infographics – Website Content, Meta Tags Optimized On Site, Title Tags Optimized, Google My Business Optimization, Google Webmaster – Analytics – Search Console Set Up
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